Writing for Developer Works

After my I received "IBM developerWorks Contributing Author" designation i got few emails from readers who want to publish articles on developerworks and thanks for that.

Let me start by clarifying that i am not IBM employee or i don't have any internal information about what type of content IBM Developerworks is looking for. But i do have experience of publishing 7-8 articles on IBM Developerworks so i know few things about how the process works. I am willing to help authors who want to write article by guiding them with the process

  1. If you have an idea about article, search on IBM Developerworks to find out if someone has already authored article on that topic.

  2. Create a rough article layout things like what would you like to cover in the article, what type of sample code you will like to write,..etc.

  3. Submit your article idea at Submit Content form

  4. You should get email from developerworks after you submit idea in 7-10 days. If they like your idea they will give you close to 2 months to finish the first draft of article

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