WebSphere Portal Login URL

I wanted to create a JMeter Unit Test for my potlet, which is available only for the logged in user. As a part of that test i wanted to see if i can pass userid and password to fixed URL and it will login for me.

WebSPhere Portal has this URL which you can call with user name and password as query parameter when you do that it will automatically login into portal for you and take you to the home page.


On my local development box websphere portal is available at http://localhost:10040/wpcert/demo and i my userid is sunil and password is password, so i can directly go to the


I bookmarked this URL on my local so that i dont have to login everytime


karthik said...

Can we encrypt the user id and password and pass them as query parameters. If yes, how will portal decrypt them, Is it possible ?

Karan said...

How can I disable this functionality

Anonymous said...

To disable this function, see the following URL: https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/community/blogs/PortalL2Thoughts/entry/utilizing_auto_login_url_across_the_web6

Lalita Chaple said...

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