Using visibility rule to show or hide a portal page

In the How to show or hide a portal or portlet page in WebSphere Portal entry i blogged about what is visibility rule and how you can use it to show or hide a portlet or page and we also build a visibility rule.

In this entry i will outline steps that you will have to take to assign the visibility rule to the page.

Important Note: Once the visibility rule is attached to the page it will get executed every time that page is displayed to the user. Please note that visibility rule does not compete with user access control instead it compliments it. Portal always checks if the user has rights to view a page or not before executing the visibility rule.

I wanted to assign the visibility rule to a Demo page and i followed these steps for that

  1. I went to the Manage Pages portlet, selected the Demo page and clicked on its properties button to get Page properties view like this.

  2. Click on the Select rule button and it will open a personalization picker portlet with list of visibility rules like this

  3. Once the rule is selected you can see that selected rule

  4. Save the page and the rule should be applied to the page

Now you should be able to test your visibility rule by visiting the page

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