Using counters in MapReduce program

While developing mapreduce jobs you might want to keep counters for some conditions that you find. For example in Map Reduce job that uses GeoIP to counts number of requests from particular city, i want to check how many requests came from US, India vs. other countries. Also there are cases when you try to find out location of a IP address and if the IP is not in the GeoIP database it throws error. I wanted to see how many ips are not found in DB. In order to do that i changed the like this I had to make following changes in the
  1. Declare Enum: On line 24 i had to create a Enum for GEO, i am declaring 4 different counters in it one for ERRORS, 1 for ips in US, 1 for ips in India and 1 for everything else
  2. Count countries: On line 67 i am checking if the location of the ip is in USA, if yes i am increasing counter for USA by 1 using context.getCounter(GEO.US).increment(1)
  3. Counting errors: Whenever GeoIP API is not able to find the ip in GeoIP database it throws GeoIp2Exception, i am catching that exception and using it as opportunity to increment ERROR count by 1 using context.getCounter(GEO.ERROR).increment(1);
After executing the MapReduce program i could see the different counters calculated by Hadoop on the console output like this

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