How to use custom delimiter character while reading file in Spark

I wanted to figure out how to get spark to read text file and break it based on custom delimiter instead of '\n'. These are my notes on how to do that The Spark Input/Output is based on Mapreduce's InputFormat and OutputFormat. For example when you call SparkContext.textFile() it actually uses TextInputFormat for reading the file. Advantage of this approach is that you do everything that TextInputFormat does. For example by default when you use TextInputFormat to read file it will break the file into records based on \n character. But sometimes you might want to read the file using some other logic. Example i wanted to parse a book based on sentences instead of \n characters, so i looked into TextInputFormat code and i noticed that it takes textinputformat.record.delimiter configuration property that i could set with value equal to '.' and the TextInputFormat returns sentences instead of lines. This sample code shows how to do that Only change in this code is sparkContext.hadoopConfiguration.set("textinputformat.record.delimiter",".") that is setting up hadoop configuration property. When i used this code to parse 2city10.txt i noticed that it has 16104 lines of text but 6554 sentences.


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