Debugger version of flash player

The debugger version of Flash player can play the swf files similar to the flash player but in addition to that it lets you do following things

  • Output statements and application errors to the debugger version of the Flash Player local log file by using the trace() method.

  • Write data services log messages to the local log file of the debugger version of Flash Player.

  • View run-time errors (RTEs).

  • Use the fdb command-line debugger.

  • Use the Flex Builder debugging tool.

  • Use the Flex Builder profiling tool.

If you have the Flex builder installed on your machine then you can get the Flash player debugger version from AdobeFlashBuilder\player\<osname> directory or you can download it from

Once installed you check if your using the flash debugger by right clicking on your flash player, it should show a context menu for Debugger like this

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