Flex Portlet development

I am trying to learn about, how to use the Adobe Flex for building UI for the portlets. I tried using the stand alone Adobe Flex Builder, which is nothing but bare minimum Eclipse with plug-ins for building Adobe Flex applications. But in that case i had to use WebSphere Portal, Rational Application Developer and Adobe Flex at the same time for development and i dont have enough memory for that.

So what i did is i did install "Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers. - GaliLeo version" and in that i did install Adobe Flex Builder 4.0 Trail edition, i like the Adobe Flex Builder 4.0 edition much better than the 3.0, this one seems to be much faster.

Now i can use one version of Eclipse for developing both Flex and Portlet application.

I tried installing Flex Builder 4.0 in RAD 7.5 but it did not work, it looks like the FLex Builder 4.0 needs newer version of Eclipse. I tried installing FLex Builder 3.0 in my RAD 7.5 but that did not work either. Somehow i could not give sufficient time to debug the problems in that environment. But i like my Eclipse + Flex builder environment because it is not that memory hungry

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