Configure Portlet Load monitoring for maximum number of concurrent request

You can configure portlet load monitoring for maximum response time but you can also configure it to handle maximum number of concurrent request. After you set maximum number of concurrent request, If the number of requests that the portlet serves at any time exceeds the maximum number of concurrent requests that you specify here, then Portlet load monitoring blocks further requests to this portlet. Instead of responding to the requests the portlet renders with a message stating that the portlet is not available. In order to re-enable this portlet for rendering, a portal administrator can enable the portlet by using the Manage Portlets administration portlet.

Example: I did set it maximum number of concurrent request to 2 by setting to 2 like this

Then i tried accessing the portlet in two different browser windows at the same time and i could see this message in the log and the portlet was blocked

[9/6/10 22:46:22:859 PDT] 00000077 GlobalPortlet W handlePreFilterInvocation() EJPPG3001W: Portlet Load Monitoring disabled the portlet with objectID: [ObjectIDImpl 'Z3_OGFLMKG10G0HE0IAR5N7GE3007', PORTLET_DEFINITION, VP: 0, [Domain: rel], DB: 0000-18BE6A290C0082E88054BBDC03DD00E0], portlet name: Hello PLM portlet, WAR file name: HelloPLM.war, EAR file display name: PA_HelloPLM because the portlet exceeded its maximum number of requests.


Javier Morales said...

Hi Sunil, do you know how to email portal admin when one portlet is being disabled by PML?

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