Lotus OneUi

The WebSphere Portal 7.0 theme makes use of Lotus OneUi for look and feel. The Lotus OneUi enables a common look and feel and a common code base for Lotus web applications. The goal is to remove arbitrary differences between products thereby improving ease-of-use and making it easier to customize products when deployed in an enterprise.

These are the advantages of using Lotus One ui

  • vision issues - it is developed to work well in screen readers, for adjusting text sizes, and to work in high contrast mode.

  • keyboard accessibility - where we have hover effects, we also provide focus effects or equivalent facilitation.

  • The code base is themeable. Customers can easily modify colors and background images using industry standard CSS techniques.

  • Products ship CSS and images used for theming separate from other CSS so it is easier to find the files that apply the theme.

  • IBM's product user interfaces are usually localized to multiple languages. We keep our components fluid so they can handle varying-sized text strings.

  • The code is tested in right-to-left languages. Making our UI work correctly in right-to-left languages sometimes influences how we code our HTML components (browser support of bi-directionality can be buggy).

  • The code base is tested for stability, accessibility, and bi-directionality in multiple browsers. Rendering of the UI across browsers is not always pixel-perfect, but the goal is for it to be as identical as is possible.