Enable client side rendering for a page

WebSphere Portal 7.0 has a Portal Builder theme, so the same theme can be used for both client and server side aggregation.

You can decide if you want to use client or server side rendering by setting appropriate mode at a page level. In my case i am using Server side aggregation mode as default, so i turned client side aggregation mode on for particular level by setting Client Side Aggregation - Rendering on like this

Once the client side rendering is enabled the markup for portlet will be requested using dedicated ajax call like this

In client-side mode the following applies:

  • Page changes occur without a browser full page refresh. Upon a user request a SWITCH_PAGE client-side event is fired. This triggers the update of the page navigation, and the contents of the new page are loaded and replace the content of the prior page.

  • Interaction with portlets and widgets updates only the affected portlet or widget, and possibly others as a result of wiring. Portlets are rendered as iWidgets by means of an iWidget Wrapper.

  • The implementation and programming model for client-side mode is provided by the Mashups Enabler common component, and public builder events.

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