Creating iWidget project using RAD 8

Starting from Version 8.0, Rational Application Developer provides support for creating iWidget project. It provides Create iWidget project wizard as well as wizard for creating iWidget.

  • Click on File -< New -< Web -< iWidget Project.

  • First screen in the wizard will ask you what type of technology you want to use Web Technology, means the project will not be a J2EE application instead it will be simple project that will let you package .xml,.css and other files in archive the Web And JavaEE Technology option will create a Dynamic web project with WEB-INF/web.xml file, which you can use for creating servlet,..

  • On the next screen it will ask you for name of the project and what type of wizard you want it to generate, i selected HelloIWidget and Simple Wizard like this

  • Once the wizard is completed it will create a project with HelloIWidget.xml which has sample source code for the wizard like this

I also tried creating a Widget project with J2EE component and compared it with wizard project without J2EE component

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David said...

Doing it this way means that the iWidget cannot be exported as a war file. This fact is noted on

"This type of iWidget is not a dynamic Web project, so it could not be exported as a WAR file. Therefore, choose the second type Web and JavaEE technologies."