Whats new in WebSphere Portal Server 7.0

The WebSphere Portal Server 7.0 came out this Monday on( 30th of Sept. 2010) so i installed it and i started playing around with it. These are my notes about some of the new features in the WPS 7.0

  1. FFDC feature in WebSPhere Portal Server 7.0

  2. Support for open search in the WPS 7.0

  3. Auditing Service

  4. Impersonation

  5. Portal Light mode

  6. Portlet Load monitoring

  7. WPCollector- Tool for collecting log files for IBM support

  8. What is server side analytics

  9. Using WebDAV with WebSphere Portal

  10. Active Site analytics

  11. Enabling basic authentication

  12. Using widgets inside portal

  13. Using WebDav client

  14. PageBuilder 2 theme


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Anonymous said...

Do you how to read WPS language cookie com.ibm.wps.state.preprocessors.locale.LanguageCookie in javascript ?