PageBuilder2 Theme architecture - bootstrap jsps

In the PageBuilder2 theme architecture i mentioned that first thing that Default.jsp does is forward control to bootstrap.jspf and bootstrapPortal.jspf.

These two files are used for calculating portal level variables such as

  • isPageRenderModeCSA: If the page render mode is CSA or SSA

  • Locale: Avaiable locale, default locale

  • user Id: user id of the anonymous and authenticated user, if user is logged in

  • ContentHandlerURI: The URI for the ContentHandler by default it will always be /wps/contenthandler for anonymous or /wps/mycontenthandler for authenticated user, this URI is also used a base for all the resources

  • portalContext: /wps

  • portalProxyUrl: /wps/proxy

  • Dojo information: dojoRoot /portal_dojo/v1.4.3 and dojoContextRoot is /portal_dojo

  • themeWebDAVBaseURI: dav:fs-type1/themes/PageBuilder2/

  • themeWebAppBaseURI: /PageBuilder2/themes/html/PageBuilder2

  • colorPalette: By default its empty but you can override these values at page level

  • pageStyle:By default its empty but you can override these values at page level

  • navTabsLevel,navTabRootNode: Navigation generation related information


andy said...

Thanks Sunil for the details.
1 doubt I have is that
../themelist/all has 1 collection

It indeed is same as PageBuilder2 which is also referred at dav/fs-type1/PageBuilder2

I am wondering why they have 2 locations as well as 2 names :)

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