Enabling logging of server side site data in WPS

Site analysis logging is not enabled by default. To enable site analysis logging, specify the names and locations of the log files as values for the following parameters in WP_SiteAnalyzerLogService.

You can configure the WP_SiteAnalyzerLogService by logging into WAS Admin Console for Portal server and then going to ResourceEnvironmentProvider -< WP_SiteAnalyzerLogService -< Custom Properties page and configuring it like this

In addition to path where the log file should get generated and the interval at which the file should be backed up you will have to choose what all events you want to log, you can set value of the event to true. These are the events that you can choose from

  • SiteAnalyzerSessionLogger.isLogging

  • SiteAnalyzerUserManagementLogger.isLogging

  • SiteAnalyzerPageLogger.isLogging

  • SiteAnalyzerPortletLogger.isLogging

  • SiteAnalyzerPortletActionLogger.isLogging

  • SiteAnalyzerErrorLogger.isLogging

  • SiteAnalyzerApplicationActionLogger.isLogging

  • SiteAnalyzerJSRPortletLogger.isLogging

After configuring the WP_SiteAnalyzerLogService, save your changes and restart the portal server.

Once the server is restarted try accessing few pages and then look at the sa.log file you should see events being added to it.

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