WPCollector tool

The WebSPhere Portal Server 7.0 introduced a wpcollector tool that can be used to collect the information requested by IBM support team. It is alternative for IBM Support Assistant Lite for WebSphere Portal tool, that you might want to use if the platform that your using does not support ISA Lite.

You can run the wpcollector tool by going to WebSphere/PortalServer/bin directory and executing the wpcollector.sh/.bat file. This command will take few minutes to collect the logs and create archive file.

When i tried running it on my server i noticed that this tool makes use of multiple WPSConfig tasks to collect traces

The wpcollector took close to 8 min. on my local server and once it was finished i could see a wp.mustgather-***.zip in the /WebSphere/wp_profile/filesForAutoPD directory, When i tried looking into the .zip file i could see lot of log files and configuration files

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