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In WebSPhere Portal 7.0 the Page Builder theme generates asa related metadata for the page

I wanted to see what meta-data gets generated so i created a "Asa Test Page" page and i did add "About WebSphere Portal" portlet to this page and tried looking at what HTML gets generated

This is the HTML markup fragment that generates page level metadata

By default it generates

  • asa.page.title

  • asa.page.id

  • asa.page.breadcrumb

This information is generated by WebSphere\PortalServer\theme\wp.mashup.cc.theme\installedApps\wp.mashup.cc.theme.ear\PageBuilder2.war\themes\html\PageBuilder2\asa.sample.jsp

By default it generates following information

  • asa.portlet.title

  • asa.portlet.id

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Thoughts said...

If I need to add new meta data, what are the values to be added to the asp-sample.jsp...For e.g if I need to know the portlet title, what value should be added to this span ?

span class="asa.portlet.id