Using WebDAV with WebSphere Portal

WebSphere Portal V7.0 provides a WebDAV implementation that individual services can use by plugging into. Examples of such services are:

  • WebDAV for managing pages and static content

  • WebDAV filestore. For example, this is used by mashup integration in the portal..
    WebDAV for Web Content Management.

  • For details refer to the appropriate sections and topics.

You will have to use one of the WebDav clients to connect and work with portal. I used the WebFolders update from Microsoft to add support for WebDav in my Windows Explorer. Once the update is installed and machine is restarted your ready to use it.

You can follow these steps to get it working

  • In the Windows Explorer click on Tools -< Map Network drive, it will open a dialog like this

  • Click on the Signup for online storage or connect to a web server link, it will start "Add Network place wizard"

  • In that go to "Where do you want to create this network place" page and "Select another network location" option like this

  • On the next page it will ask you "What is the address of this network place?" you should enter address that you want to connect to. In my case i want to get to Manage pages service, so i entered http://localhost:10039/wps/mycontenthandler/dav/contentmodel/ibm.portal.Home/ like this

  • When i click on next, it asks for the username and password for the WebDav and i used the Portal Admin userid and password and once the login was successful i got a connection like this

Important Note As per documentation i should be able to modify page metadata and navigate from here but i got some errors, also connecting to themelist and skinlist did not work.

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