Out of box Impersonation portlet with WebSphere Portal 7.0

The WebSphere Portal Server started supporting impersonation from version 6.1.5, but in the V6.1.5 you were supposed to create your own impersonation portlet and use ImpersonationService provided by portal for impersonating.

But starting from Version 7.0, WPS ships a Out of box Impersonation portlet. This portlet is pretty simple, it lets you search for a user and then once you click on the name of the user it starts impersonating that user.

I just created a simple page and added Impersonation portlet to it like this, i want to impersonate "Sunil Patil" so i searched for it

Now when i click on the user name the impersonation session starts, which means the user is logged in as impersonated user which is "Sunil Patil" in my case and it takes user to Home page like this

I will have to logout from the portal before i go back to the impersonation portlet, if i try going to the impersonation portlet i get this error

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chethan said...

Hi ..Feature is very usefull ,do you know if these Impersonation is exposed as API?so that we can customize based on our UI needs?