Finding out the fix packs, fixes installed on from SystemOut.log

When you start WebSphere Portal Server, first it prints out the list of fixes installed on WebSphere Application Server. Then the WAS will start j2ee applications one by one and when it comes to starting websphere portal application, it lists out all the fixes that are installed on WPS in SystemOut.log like this

As you can see it lists out the fix ids along with short description of that fix PK81425 (WSRP Consumer cannot handle multiple cookies in Set-Cookie header)

[2/22/10 11:41:32:845 CST] 00000026 WebApp A SRVE0180I: [wps#wps.war] [/cisco] [Servlet.LOG]: ServiceManager: Loading from file:/opt/ibm/cepapp-nprd1-01/dev/samba/websphere/current/appserver/profiles/node01/PortalServer/config/config/
[2/22/10 11:41:32:891 CST] 00000026 LogManagerDef I init
IBM WebSphere Portal

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Build Level:
wp6101_115_01 (2008-11-15 11:04)
[2/22/10 11:41:33:206 CST] 00000026 ServiceLogger I initialize FFDC0009I: FFDC opened incident stream file /opt/httpd/logs/apps/samba/dev/cepapp-nprd1-01/ffdc/portal_node01_00000026_10.02.22_11.41.33_0.txt
[2/22/10 11:41:33:285 CST] 00000026 ServiceLogger I resetIncidentStream FFDC0010I: FFDC closed incident stream file /opt/httpd/logs/apps/samba/dev/cepapp-nprd1-01/ffdc/portal_node01_00000026_10.02.22_11.41.33_0.txt
[2/22/10 11:41:33:521 CST] 00000026 ProductServic I findInstalledFixes EJPFD0051I: The following fix packs have been installed:
WP_PTF_6101 (IBM WebSphere Portal, Version Fix Pack)
[2/22/10 11:41:33:636 CST] 00000026 ProductServic I findInstalledFixes EJPFD0053I: The following fix packs have been installed:
PK76960 (Creating URL Mapping to a child page in VP doesn't work properly)
PK76660 (Stale value exception editing data before DST time change)
PK81425 (WSRP Consumer cannot handle multiple cookies in Set-Cookie header)
PK79235 (Invalid action identifier caused by wrong user session key)
PK82601 (Invalid action IDs caused by legacy portlet state manager )
PK77174 (PZN:Profilers should allow users to directly edit lists)
PK77497 (PZN:Update CAF and runtime logging to use portal admin portlet trace settings)
PK77734 (PZN:Web Content and Site Area pickers are slow in large sites)
PK78529 (PZN:nullpointer exception when create visibility rule)
PK80778 (Pzn Picker not showing proper choices initially)
PK81996 (PZN editor text entry field, changing blank to another value)
PK82085 (PZN:Use WCM api to get document ID)
PK83587 (PZN:Perf: Misc. pzn performance improvements)
PK85090 (PZN:RuleMappings may not execute)
PM04793 (PZN:ItemNotFoundException from Content Spot Rule execution)
PK75569 (Delete virtual portal having exceptions)
PK76988 (Cluster Performance Degradation by PK72702 - large amount of DRS invalidation messages)

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