Schema file for the xmlaccess

IBM WebSphere POrtal Server Infocenter or the other documentation from IBM does not have much information about the xmlaccess and what all elements it has, what are the attributes that they support and what should be there value.

I always thought that if i could somehow look into the .xsd file for xmlaccess then it would be a big help but did not know where to find it. TOday i realized that those files are in the WebSphere/wp_profile/installedApps/DefaultNode/wps.ear/wps.war/dtd/. It seems that it has the latest .xsd as well as all the .xsd for older version of portals server. This is how my dtd folder looks like

I wanted to find out more information about the PortalCOnfig_1.4.xsd, which is the default version for WPS 6.1.5 so when i opened it in Text Editor, this is what i found. As you can see it has lot of useful information

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