Test LOT-915: IBM WebSphere Portal 7.0 Solution Development

Architecting a Portal Solution

  • Demonstrate familiarity with WebSphere Portal Web 2.0 features

  • Demonstrate knowledge of WebSphere Portal Platform features

  • Identify supported portlet frameworks/APIs

  • Identifying scope for custom portlets

  • Understand communications between portlets and widgets

  • Understand how portal features and portlets use user identity to personalize

  • Understand patterns and methods for application integration with WebSphere Portal

  • Understand portal page aggregation modes

  • Use out-of-the-box portlets

Install, Setup and Configuration of a Developer Environment

  • Compile, packaging, and deploying portal artifacts using Rational Application Developer
  • Create portlets in Rational Application Developer

  • Diagnose problems with the development environment installation

  • Optimize the development environment

Portal Frameworks and Portlet Services

  • Apply the Tagging and rating SPI

  • Creating a custom Portlet Service

  • Develop Login, Logout, and Session validation filters

  • Understand key Service Programming (SPI) and Application Programming Interfaces (API) #Controller SPI

    #Login Service SPI
    #Portal Model SPI
    #Portal User Management SPI (PUMA)
    #Property Broker SPI
    #Resource Addressability Framework (SPI)
    #Step Up Authentication SPI

  • Use Remember Me API to provide anonymous portlet content personalization +Use REST protocol to access SPI's

Portlet Development

  • Create cooperative portlets using live text Click-2-Action and Event broker

  • Demonstrate knowledge of core Java Portlet Objects in the JSR 286 spec

  • Demonstrate the differences between, events, render parameters, public render parameters, and scoped attributes

  • Describe the portlet life cycle for JSR-286

  • Effectively use JSPs to render portlet markup

  • Have knowledge of WSRP for JSR-286 portlets

  • Identify supported portlet modes and custom portlet modes

  • Implement portlet actions and events with Java 5 annotations

  • Understand portlet descriptor files for each portlet type and utilize WebSphere Portal extend features

  • Understand the use of Standard Portlet APIs

  • Use AJAX to update state and trigger actions with JSR-286 portlets

  • Use the portlet client model

  • Utilize client profile information (JSR-188)

  • Utilize of standard portlet cascading style-sheet classes

Testing, Debugging and Performance Monitoring of Portlets

Theme Development

  • Create a custom layout template and adding it to the shelf

  • Create a new style and add it to the shelf

  • How to register an iWidget and use in the shelf

  • How to use client side logging and tracing

  • How to use the Context menu framework

  • How to use the DND configuration object and add a custom DND source

  • Understand OneUI basics

  • Understand the bootstrapping process

  • Understand the theme.html

  • Use Dynamic Content Spots in theme templates

  • Use the DecorationsManager and understand the creation of a skin.html template

  • Use the navigation widgets and understand how to extend that widget

  • Use WebDAV to create and update themes

Additional Development Concepts

  • Assembling Composite Application Templates

  • Creating custom portal search interfaces

  • Developing Personalization Resources

  • Have knowledge of Portlet Bridge Frameworks

  • Search the Business Solutions catalog

  • Use the collaborative API

  • Using and extending the Credential Vault

  • Using the widgets for blogs and wikis

  • Using Web Content Management API's

  • Writing Personalization and Visibility Rules


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