Reading data stored in localStroage by Android Device or Google Chrome Browser

While working on my Using localStorage/sessionStorage in PhoneGap application example i was trying to debug a issue on the Android device where the data was not getting stored properly (Due to my programming mistake) and i wanted to figure out what data is actually getting stored so i used these steps.
  1. First i used the DDMS view in Eclipse to get access to the local file system on Andorid. All the data for an application is stored in andorid in data/data/<apppackage> folder, In my case application package name is com.HelloLocalStorage
    Whatever you store in window.localStorage object is actually stored in the data/data/<apppackage>/app_database/file_0.localstorage file, first download it to your computer. This file is actually SQLLite database, so if you open it in normal notepad you wont be able to read it. When you store data in localStroage object in the Google chrome it gets stored in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Local Storage directory.
  2. If you want to open SQLLite database you will have to use one of the admin tools, i used the MikeTS SQLLite Management tool to open the file_0.localstorage file and it seems that Google Chrome stores the localStorage data in ItemTable, that table has 2 columns one is key and other is value, when i queried the ItemTable i could see the data stored in local preferences like this

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Michael Go said...

FYI: I found my file_0.localstorage file in this path