Sending push notification to Android emulator

I wanted to try Push Notification on Android Emulator, so i followed these steps for setting it up. Basic idea is you need to use emulator with Google API as target and add google account in the emulator to get the Push Notification working. These are the steps for doing that
  1. First step is to open the Android SDK Manager and make sure that you have installed Google API, like this
  2. Next step is to create Android Virtual Device that uses Google API as Target like this
  3. After that start your Android Virtual device and go to the Settings section, in the settings section, click on Add Account and add your Google account like this
  4. Now your device is ready to accept the Android Push Notification, you will have to build Mobile Phone Application that supports push notification. In my case i used Urban Airship Getting started instructions to build application
Now you can try sending the push notification to the Emulator and you should see it like this

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