Debugging Cordova/PhoneGap applications running on Android

Being able to debug your code is always a big help, I wanted to debug PhoneGap/Cordova application and i used the Google Chrome Developer tools that make it really easy to debug web application running on Android
  • First i stated my Android Emulator with my application running on it
  • Once my application is launch on desktop i opened my Chrome browser and clicked on Tools -< Inspect Devices like this
  • On the next tool it should display list of Devices available and here you should see name of the android emulator like this, click on inspect link
  • It opens a new window pointing to your PhoneGap page, you can use that screen for debugging, looking at console messages,... etc

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PhoneGap app development said...

Debugging PhoneGap applications on Android is not an easy task for developers who are new in this field.I hope that by using your simple tips they can easily do that in an easy way.
Thanks for sharing!