Making HTTPS outbound calls from mule

In the Getting markup from HTTPS connection in Java program entry i talked about how to make HTTPS call from stand alone java application. Recently i had to figure out how to make HTTPS call from Mule as part of flow, and these are the steps that i followed
  1. First step is to download the certificate for the site, but the is no available on Oracle blog, instead i had to download it from here
  2. The next step is to compile the by executing javac
  3. One issue in using the trust store with Mule is that the password for the trust store file should be not null. So i had to execute the InstallCert command with changeit as password (same as oracle java's default password) like this java InstallCert changeit
  4. After executing last step you should see jssecacerts file in your local directory, that is your trust store file
  5. Next step is to create a HTTP connector in mule and while configuring go to security tab, check Enable HTTPS and configure the trust store to point to the jssecacerts file created in the last step and use changeit as password
  6. Last step is to add HTTP call in your flow, while adding that call use the HTTP connector that you configured in the previous step
  7. Now you can go ahead and test the flow and you should be able to make HTTPS call

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