How to use HBase sink with Flume

I wanted to figure out how to use HBase as target for flume, so i created this sample configuration which reads events from netcat and writes them to HBase.
  1. First step is to create test table in HBase with CF1 as column family. Everytime Flume gets a event it will write to HBase in test table in CF1 column family
    create 'test','CF1'
  2. Create Flume configuration file that looks like this, I am using HBase sink with SimpleHbaseEventSerializer as Event Serializer. Note that i am assuming that this is unsecured cluster (Sandbox), but if you have secured cluster you should follow steps mentioned in Configure a Secure HBase Sink
  3. Start the Flume server with the following command
    bin/flume-ng agent --conf conf --conf-file conf/ --name agent1 -Dflume.root.logger=DEBUG,console
  4. Now open the netcat client on port 44444 and send some messages to flume
  5. If you query HBase test table, you should see the messages that were published to netcat