Spark Streaming Kafka 10 API Word Count application Scala

In Spark Kafka Streaming Java program Word Count using Kafka 0.10 API blog entry i talked about how you create a simple java program that uses Spark Streaming's Kafka10 API using Java. This blog entry does the same thing but using Scala. You can download the complete application from github
You can run this sample by first downloading Kafka 0.10.* from Apache Kafka WebSite, then you can create and start a test topic and send messages to it by following this Kafka Quick start document


Anonymous said...

dear sunil,
I am new and I am using Intlej to get the code working. I need the build.sbt file instead of pom.xml, as I am using sbt.

spent hours and hours but not able to get a complete project up and running. Is there a way you can help me out.
Steps like in intlej select import or new project of if you can provide me a starting point.
I have kafka and zookeeper running fine on my windows machine.

Appreciate your help

Anonymous said...

Getting error Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Kafka10