Deleting virtual portal using the Configuration Task

You can use the Configuration Task to delete virtual portal, you will have to follow these steps to delete a virtual portal

  • Get list of virtual portal by executing

    ./ list-all-virtual-portals

    Task, this task will print list of virtual portal, there names and object ids on the console like this

  • Once you have the objectid of the virtual portal you can use it to delete the virtual portal by executing following command

    ./ delete-virtual-portal -D VirtualPortalObjectId=18_VVILMKG108MAF0IS7PPFSE10C6

    In this command the 18_VVILMKG108MAF0IS7PPFSE10C6 is the objectid that we got from the output of list-all-virtual-portals

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Alexey Zimarev said...

I think you should omit the space between -D and parameter name.