What is blazeDS

BlazeDS is a open source project, that provides some infrastructure that can be used to simplify development of J2EE backend and Flex for front end type of application

BlazeDS functionality can be divided into following three key services:

  1. The Remoting Service allows your Flex application to directly invoke methods of Java objects deployed in your application server.

  2. The Message Service provides a publish/subscribe infrastructure that allows your Flex application to publish messages and subscribe to a messaging destination, enabling the development of real-time data push and collaborative applications.

  3. The Proxy Service allows your Flex application to make cross-domain service requests in a secure and controlled manner. In other words, it allows your Flex application to access a service available on a different domain than the domain from where the application was downloaded (without having to deploy a crossdomain.xml policy file on the target domain).

If you want to build J2EE on server side and Flex for front end type of application, then you can either use JSON, XML or Flex for data exchange but using BlazeDS provides following advantages

  1. It takes care of converting Java object into Action Script object required by Flex and other way round.

  2. It is more efficient then either JSON or XML for communicating between J2EE and Flex application

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