Modifying the URL mapping of virtual portal context

It seems that if you change the url mapping of the VirtualPortalContext url then you will run into strange issues such as the createResourceURL() returning wrong URL, our team ran into this issue yesterday so i did little bit of debugging to see what happens.

I started by creating a new Virtual Portal test2, after creating the virtual portal i did create full export of the virtual portal as soon as the virtual portal was created. When i looked at the export i could see that it already had a URL mapping for test2, which is the context of the virtual portal like this

<url-mapping-context action="update" domain="rel" label="test2" objectid="C_VVILMKG108MAF0IS7PPFSE10S6">
<access-control externalized="false" owner="uid=wasadmin,o=defaultwimfilebasedrealm" private="false"/>
<portal-url resourceref="6_000000000000000000000000A0" update="set"/>

And this mapping is pointing to the 6_000000000000000000000000A0 node and when i checked the xmlaccess 6_000000000000000000000000A0 is pointing to the wps.content.root page like this

<content-node action="update" active="true" domain="rel" objectid="6_000000000000000000000000A0" ordinal="0" type="label" uniquename="wps.content.root">
<supported-markup markup="html" update="set"/>
<access-control externalized="false" owner="undefined" private="false"/>
<credential-segment action="update" adapter-type="default-customization" domain="cust" name="DefaultUserSegment" objectid="E_CGAH47L008IC40I4BOR2EO00U6" user-mapped="true">
<description>Default User Segment</description>
<credential-segment action="update" adapter-type="default-release" domain="rel" name="DefaultAdminSegment" objectid="E_CGAH47L008IC40I4BOR2EO00U1" user-mapped="false">
<description>Default Admin Segment</description>

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