Ajax Test server in the RAD 8.0

The Rational Application Developer 8.0 has a Ajax Test Server, The AJAX test server is a lightweight Jetty-based server ideally suited for developing and testing AJAX applications. It quickly performs module publishing and server restart. It supports basic web artifacts such as servlets, JSP files, HTML, XML, JavaScript™ and CSS files.

You can use the AJAX test server when you want to compile, test and run resources quickly in an AJAX application, for example a Dojo-enabled web project or an iWidget project. You can test static or dynamic web projects on a AJAX test server.

In the Creating iWidget project using RAD 8 entry i mentioned the steps that you can follow to create a iWidget. Once your iWidget is ready you can test it by creating a Ajax Test Server definition and adding your iWidget application to it.

As you can see in my case i am adding SampleIWidgetJ2EEApp application to the Ajax Test Server, after adding the project you can test your application using Universal Test Client for iWidget by right clicking on the iWidget.xml and saying Run on the Server, in the server select Ajax Test Server.

The way it works is you pass the URL of your widget.xml file to the

In my case the SampleIWidgetJ2EEApp has 3 widget definitions and they are available at http://localhost:8080/SampleIWidgetJ2EEApp/ directory so i can test each of them by passing the URL to the testWidget.jsp like this for testing SampleEventSubscriber.xml

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