Adding facebook iwdiget on the Connections Home page

YOu can add iWidgets to either Home, Profile or Communities page in the Connections. If you go to the IBM Lotus and WebSphere Portal Business Solutions Catalog and search for Lotus Connections, you will find bunch of iWidgets that you can use, there is iWidget for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr,...

I wanted to try the iWidget for Facebook and these are the steps that i followed

  • First i did download the Facebook iWidget from the Solution Catalog

  • When i looked inside the .zip file i could see that it contains a FacebookGoogleGadget.xml (iWidget .xml file) and GoogleFacebook.html (Google gadget html file), i want to host this on my HTTP server so i did unzip it into the document root of my HTTP server at E:\IBM\HTTPServer\htdocs

  • Then i verified that i can access the FacebookGoogleGadget.xml at

  • The last step was to use the steps defined in Deploying custom widget on Connections Home Page for adding Facebook widget to HomePage, If you want to add the widget to the profiles page use Adding widget on profiles page for more information

  • After the widget is added to home page i went to home page and it did prompt me for my facebook login and once i supply my login information i could see my facebook page

Using Facebook iWidget turned out to be really easy.

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