Adding a Google gadget to Connection

In the Adding Facebook iWidget on the Connections Home page i talked about how you can add Facebook iWidget to the Connection page, If you look inside the Facebook iWidget you will notice that is simply wrapping the Facebook Google gadget which is hosted at , i thought i will figure out the steps that are required to wrap Google gadget into Widget. I am using the Google Weather Forcast as sample Gadget that i want to wrap into iWidget and it to the Connections Home page.

  • First i went to Google Gadgets for your Web page, to find out all the Google Gadgets that are available to be added to my page
  • Then i went to the Weather Gadget page, and i did click on Add to your webpage button, on the next screen i did get screen that would let me configure the widget before adding it to page, Ex, i can select the city that i am interested in, i can change title of the gadget,...

  • After configuring the Gadget i did click on Get the code button, which gives me a HTML script tag like this

    <script src=""></script>

  • I copied this HTML into a HTML file called GoogleWeatherGadget.html file and i did copy it on my HTTP server at E:\IBM\HTTPServer\htdocs\weather

    <script src=""></script>

  • Next i had to create a GoogleWeatherGadget.xml file which points to the GoogleWeatherGadget.html file on my HTTP server in E:\IBM\HTTPServer\htdocs\weather directory like this

    <iw:iwidget name="googleFacebook" xmlns:iw="">
    <iw:content mode="view">
    <iframe scrolling="auto" width="100%" height="330" frameborder="0" src=""></iframe>

    In this the value of iframe src is fully qualified URL of the html page that has the Google gadget

  • The last step was to use the steps defined in Deploying custom widget on Connections Home Page for adding Weather widget to HomePage, If you want to add the widget to the profiles page use Adding widget on profiles page for more information

This is how my HomePage looks like after adding it Weather widget to it

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Megha said...

This made for an interesting read.. i too am working on lotus connections..have a question is there a way I can put a java app on the LC profile page? Maybe something similar to your google widget