Worklight Phone Gap Android application

I just created my first Worklight Phone Gap application for Android. The process is pretty easy you just add support for Android environment and then WorkLight creates/generates Android project for you. Once your project is ready you just right click on it and say Run as Android application to get a view like this
I wanted to see what is going on so i looked at the generated project, but before that this is how my Worklight application is structured
When you add support for Android, WorkLight generates PhoneGap Android project that is similar to Getting Started with PhoneGap on Android project, the Generated Java class looks like this

package com.HelloWorkLightPhoneGap;

import android.os.Bundle;

import com.worklight.androidgap.WLDroidGap;

public class HelloWorkLightPhoneGap extends WLDroidGap {
 public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
So basically this class is forwarding control to the HTML page but the HTML file name is not hard coded here instead it comes from file which looks like this

wlServerProtocol = http
wlServerHost =
wlServerPort = 8080
wlAppId = HelloWorkLightPhoneGap
wlAppVersion = 1.0
wlC2DMEmailSender = ${wlC2DMEmailSender}
wlMainFilePath = HelloWorkLightPhoneGap.html
enableSettings = true
So the HelloWorkLightGap.html file is the main file for my WorkLight application that becomes a main file here. Also if you take a closer look at the content of the project you will notice that the Android has assets/www/default folder which has all the files from your worklight application


erie said...

Could you please do a tutorial on how to implement oauth2.0 to access google api through worklight?

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Thanks for sharing your knowledge like this.

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