Notes about Embedded Jetty server inside Worklight Studio

The Worklight 50 simplifies development by embedding the Worklight server as plugin. It uses embedded Jetty server for running the worklight application. This makes starting, stopping server and deploying application to server much faster compared to before. I noticed one problem with the Worklight embedded server which is that as soon as i start my IDE it starts embedded jetty on port 8080, which conflicts with others server application and so far i have not found a way to change this port number. Also when you try to stop the server from within worklight studio it does not actually stop the server. When you right click on your application and say "Build All and Deploy" it actually just copies the application in WorklightServerHome\<appname> directory. In that directory you can see few Jetty server related directories, there is also a log directory which has Jetty server related logs You can take a look at <workspace>\WorklightServerHome\<appname>\log\server.log for more details on the problems on server.

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Anton Aleksandrov said...

You can add -Dworklight.port=1234 to your eclipse.ini