Role Assignment

WPS provides flexible role assignment. Ex. Lets say you want to assign Privileged User rights for Lotus Notes portlet so that he can change his Lotus Notes related preference, this does not mean that you would have to give him Privileged user rights at portal level, instead you can assign him those rights only for Lotus Notes portlet.

In case of WPS you can assign user roles at particular root level. What that means is if you assign Editor rights to John Doe for Marketing Page then he will get that rights for Marketing page as well as all the pages under marketing. Similarly if you assign Privileged role to John Doe for Portlet Application then he will get Privileged User rights for all the portlets in that particular portlet application.

If you want you can also assign a role to user at portal level. Ex. If you want make John Doe administrator of portal then you can go to Resource Permissions Portlet and click on Virtual resources -> Portal and assign Administrator role to John Doe.

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