Troubleshooting installation issues

The WebSpher Portal server generates log files in four different locations during installation. If your installation fails for some reason, the you will have to figure out which step did installation fail and based on that look into corresponding log files to get more details about failure
  1. WAS_ROOT\logs\install: Has log files generated during the WebSphere Application server installation and profile creation
    1. log.txt: Contains the trace information generated during the installation of WebSphere Application Server. Check this log if you have problems with the installation of WebSphere Application Server

  2. WPS_ROOT\log directory has the log files generated during the WebSphere Portal Server configuration.
    1. wpinstalllog.txt: Contains the trace information that was generated during the installation of websphere portal server. Check this file if WebSphere Portal Server installation stops before successful completion
    2. installmessages.txt: Contains messages that are generated during installation. The messages in this file are translated for the language that is specified during installation. Check this log for errors generated during installation.
    3. LocalizeTrace.archiveX.log,: LocalizeTrace.archive1.log to LocalizeTrace.archive5.log files are generated during the archive installation/fixup.
    4. responselog.txt: Installation response file. Irrespective of how you install WebSPhere Portal, the portal server installation program would collect all the user responses and such as location of WebSphere Portal Server installation directory, WAS installation directory,.. and save them in responselog.txt file. You can check this file to verify your inputs on wizard or console
  3. WPS_PROFILE_ROOT\log directory has the log files that were generated during
    1. wpinstalllog_base.txt:Contains trace information that is generated by the installation program. This file contains a copy of wpinstalllog.txt prior to the launch of the installation program, which then deletes wpinstalllog.txt.Check this log if the WebSphere Portal installation onto a WebSphere Application Server base profile stops before successful completion.
  4. Temp directory: The installation program generates log files in temp directory before actual installation starts and the portal installation directory structure gets created.
    1. installtraces1.txt installtraces2.txt installtraces3.txt :Contain trace information generated by the dependency checking function. Output is added to installtraces1.txt until it reaches a predefined size, at which point output goes into installtraces2.txt and then into installtraces3.txt. When installtraces3.txt is full, output reverts to installtraces1.txt and overwrites previous trace information.Check these files if there are problems with component discovery and dependency checking.

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