The Client side aggreagation theme works in IE 8 and Firefox 3.5

One of the major problem with the WPS 6.1 was that it ships with Dojo 1.1 and since Dojo 1.1 does not work with Internet Explorer 8 or Mozilla's Firefox 3.5, If you tried using the client side aggregation (CSA) theme it use to throw the this browser is not supported error and it use to automatically switch the theme to Server side aggregation (SSA) theme.

Starting with WPS 6.1.5 the Portal ships Dojo 1.3.2 version and as a result the CSA theme works in both Internet Explorer 8.0 and Mozilla Firefox 3.5

As you can see i am using Firefox 3.5.5 (3.6 beta) and you can see that i am using a CSA theme and portal is making call ATOM service to get parts of the theme.

This is my screen shot of Client side aggregation theme being used in Internet Explorer 8 and as you can see i dont have to switch to the compatibility mode (IE 8 has concept of compatibility mode, if the website that your accessing is not compatible with IE 8 then you can switch into compatibility mode and IE 8 will behave like IE7)

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