Redirecting user on login

One of the reader posted a comment, asking how do i redirect user as soon as they login based on some condition, so i changed my SampleExplicitLoginFilter like this

public class SampleExplicitLoginFilter implements ExplicitLoginFilter{

public void login(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response,
String userId, char[] password, FilterChainContext portalLoginContext, Subject subject,
String realm, ExplicitLoginFilterChain chain) throws LoginException,
WSSecurityException, PasswordInvalidException,
UserIDInvalidException, AuthenticationFailedException,
AuthenticationException, SystemLoginException, {
System.out.println("Entering SamplExplicitLoginFilter.login()");

System.out.println("User Id " + userId);
System.out.println("Password " + String.valueOf(password));
System.out.println("Realm" + realm);

chain.login(request, response, userId, password, portalLoginContext, subject, realm);
System.out.println("Exiting SamplExplicitLoginFilter.login()");
public void destroy() {
public void init(SecurityFilterConfig arg0)
throws SecurityFilterInitException {


I am checking if the remote user is wasdmin if yes i am redirecting him to /wps/myportal/Administration page.


Anonymous said...

Good example. I appreciate your effort. I am following you.

Anonymous said...

Your website is good. I have an issue. I describe it as follows: I see you redirect to Administration page by passing "/wps/myportal/Administration" as a string parameter. Now, I assume that under Home, I have label page named "My Information" and its unique name is "myinformation" and its friendly url is defined as "myinformation". What I want the regular user can see this page when login. By following your hint, I pass "wps/myportal/Home/myinformation" as a parameter. It did not work because portal returns user to Home only instead to My Information page. Am I right when passing the string "wps/myportal/Home/myinformation"?

Thanks in advance for your helps.