Whats new in Websphere Portal 615

Today morning i did attend the Whats new in WebSphere Portal 6.1.5 call. It was bit early for west coast time zone (7.00 AM) but it was really good.

Marshal Lamb, who is Senior technical staff member was the main speaker in this call, He talked about how IBM WebSphere Portal is used by lots of user facing internet site (Search for /wps/portal in Google and you will find quite few sites) and IBM is planning to make it easier for them to build internet facing sites using WebSphere Portal.

It seems that IBM has made lot of investment in improving IBM's Worplace web content management solution from the perspective of end user, content authors and also for companies by providing lot of pre-built templates. They added social computing by giving support for Blogs and Wikis built on top of IBM' WWCM. The integration in WWCM and portal is much more tighter now. They are also investing on newer technologies such as widgets now widgets are primary citizens in the WebSphere portal world.

In all it seems that WPS 6.1.5 is really cool and seems to have lot of features that we were waiting for. Marshal also indicated that there might be a new version of portal sometime in 2010.

I did install WPS 615 on my machine yesterday and now i am planning to try out some of the newer features

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