Dojo and WebSphere portal 6.1.5

One of the most common questions about WebSphere Portal is, which version of Dojo does IBM WebSphere Portal use and what should i do if i want to use newer version of Dojo.

WebSphere Portal 6.1 is using Dojo Version 1.1.1 and replacing dojo version is not supported by IBM (i.e. if you change it then your own your own). The CSA theme depends heavily on the Dojo in fact almost all of the client side functionality is built using Dojo so even if your using Server side aggregation theme, features like client side wires or setting Preferneces, reading PUMA properties might break

Starting with WebSphere Portal 6.5, IBM is shipping two versions of Dojos

  • Dojo V 1.3.2. This is packaged in its own Web application named Dojo_Resources. You can manage it in the WebSphere Application Server administration console. By default it is deployed at the context root /portal_dojo . The path for the Dojo V 1.3.2 files is wp_profile_root/installedApps/node_name/Dojo_Resources.ear/dojo.war .

  • Dojo V 1.1.1. This is packaged in the directory wp_profile_root/installedApps/node_name/wps.ear/wps.war/themes/dojo/portal_dojo.

The Portal and PortalWeb2 themes use version 1.3.2 by default in WebSphere Portal Version 6.1.5. The Page Builder features and widgets are currently supported on Dojo 1.3.2 only.

IBM Support policy remains same that the version of dojo that is shipped with portal might be replaced entirely

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