Creating Impersonation URL in the theme

As per the portal Infocenter, we can create a Impersonation link in the theme by adding following code to the theme

<portal-logic:if loggedIn="yes">
<portal-logic:if userImpersonated="false">
<portal-navigation:urlGeneration contentNode="ibm.portal.Impersonation">
<li><a href='<% wpsURL.write(escapeXmlWriter); %>'><portal-fmt:text key='link.impersonate'

I tried adding this code to banner_toolbar.jsp in default IBM theme but it does not work, first i got compiler error in portal:logic tag saying the userImpersonated attributed does not exists and when i changed in Info center it seems that portal:logic tag does not have that attribute.

Then i tried without the portal:logic tab and it seems that the ibm.portal.Impersonation content node does not exist either. So portal cant generate url to that page.

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