Portal Style classes

The CSS style sheets that are used for the portal page are dynamically generated by JSPs located in the /themes/Portal/ directory. You can change the tag definitions and the class definitions in the CSS style sheets. However, make sure that you do not delete any style sheets or remove any style classes. Portlets require these style classes for JSP output. The following provides information about the CSS File structure:

  • styles.jsp - root page which includes children

  • styles_cacheSettings.jspf - sets headers to control how the output CSS is cached

  • styles_rules.jspf - defines logic to be consumed by style definitions

  • styles_theme.jspf - contains style definitions for the theme

  • styles_portlet.jspf - contains standard styles for portlets

  • styles_ibm.jspf - contains styles for IBM portlets

  • styles_help.jspf - contains styles for portlet help files

  • styles_oob.jspf - contains styles for out of box Information portlet JSPs

If you want to add your own additional styles, create your own JSP fragment, such as styles_myStyles.jspf, and modify styles.jsp to include it as well. In this way, your styles are incorporated into the portal stylesheet and are able to use the dynamic rules.

Dynamic styles vary their output by browser, locale, and color palette. The <portal-theme:cacheProxyUrl> tag generates a cacheable url to styles.jsp that encodes the browser, locale and color palette variables. This allows the output CSS to be cached by the server for improved performance. This is how the styles.jspf gets included in my page when i access it from Firefox browser


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