Dojo ShrinkSafe

Dojo Shrinksafe is JavaScript compression system that can reduce size of your JavaScript by close to 1/3rd and it can also be used for combining multiple JavaScript files into one.

If you don't work with a lot of JavaScript, odds are you don't need ShrinkSafe. If, on the other hand, you're pushing browsers or building an amazing "Web 2.0" user experience, ShrinkSafe can make your pages respond faster by reducing the number of HTTP requests needed and by decreasing the size of the files served.

You can use ShrinkSafe in two ways either you can upload the files that you want to ship to its site and it will combine/shrink for you or you can download the latest ShrinkSafe jar file and use it on your local like this

  • If you want to compress test.js into test.min.js

    java -jar shrinksafe.jar test.js > test.min.js

  • If you want to combine and compress test.js, test1.js and test2.js into test.min.js you can do it like this

    java -jar shrinksafe.jar test.js test1.js test2.js > test.min.js

1 comment:

Hanan Atalla said...

I need to compress a huge number of js files in the directories.
Is it posible to do this ?