Modify title, metadata properties of page using WebDav client

WPS 7.0 provides one more option for managing your portal pages, which is WebDav. Every portal page is not represented as folder in your WebDav.

On my local the Home -< Fun folder has 5 pages so when i go to corresponding folder in WebDav i see 5 folders. Name of the folder is either ObjectId or unique name. If i go inside a folder that represents a portal page this is what i see

  • This is properties file that has value of title and description for the page

  • This file represents the meta data for the page

  • staticcontent: This folder has information about the static content, such as layout.html and option to change the value

This is how the file for my page looks like, if i change this file and save it using WebDav those changes get stored in the portal database. Ex. I can rename the portal page by changing value of title property in this file

description= Test PageBuilder 2 theme description
title=Test PageBuilder2 Theme

If you want to change any page level meta data values such as caching related data or template file name then you can open file change the corresponding value and save it back. This is how the file for my sample page looks like\:fs-type1/layout-templates/2ColumnEqual/

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