Using WebDAV to manage portal pages

The WebSphere Portal 7.0 allows you to manage portal pages using the WebDav tool. It allows you to do following things

  • Browse through the page hierarchy. Each portal page is represented as a folder. The name of the folder is the unique name or the object ID of the page. Children pages in the topology are represented as subfolders.

  • Change globalization information of pages. To do this, users edit and save properties files that contain the globalization information.

  • Change metadata of pages. To do this, users edit and save properties files that contain the metadata information.

  • For static pages, you can browse, read, create, update, save, copy, move, and delete static content. Users can access the content of static pages via the subfolder staticcontent .

  • Delete pages.

I wanted to try this feature so first i created a WebDav connection to the http://localhost:10039/wps/mycontenthandler/dav/contentmodel/wps.content.root url like this

Once the connection is established i can see all the pages in my portal in the directory format. This is screen shot of my portal page which displays all the pages at the Content Root level

This is how they are represented in the WebDav repository. There is a folder corresponding to every portal page and lable. If you drill down in the folder you will notice there is folder corresponding to every child page,..


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FYI: To Access the WPS 7.0 WebDav server, Use AnyClient as WebDav client

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