Using custom dynamic content spot in PageBuilder2 theme

Page Builder2 theme makes use of dynamic content spots, which are nothing but .jsp's that are included in theme.html. I wanted to see if i can create a custom dynamic content spot and include it in my theme so i tried these steps and it worked

  • First i did create a simple testds.jsp file, it looks like this

    <h3>This is sample text generated by testds.jsp</h3>

    I am just generating one h1 element inside the testds.jsp

  • Then i copied the testds.jsp file inside the /PortalServer/theme/ folder like this

  • Once your testds.jsp is copied into the PageBuilder2.war you have two options for including it in the theme.html, one is directly using the path to PageBuilder2 and second is using the dynamic content spot matching service

    <a rel="dynamic-content" href="res:/PageBuilder2/themes/html/PageBuilder2/testds.jsp"></a>

    <a rel="dynamic-content" href="dyn-cs:id:testds@tl:oid:csa2.theme"></a>

    In this the href="res:/PageBuilder2/themes/html/PageBuilder2/testds.jsp" is sample of how you can directly include the testds.jsp inside your theme.html, it does not require any further steps

    But if you dont want to hardcode path to testds.jsp in your theme.html then you can can create a mapping in the dynamic content spot mapping service and use the mapped name. In my case i did create mapping to testds name so i have to use dyn-cs:id:testds@tl:oid:csa2.theme as value of href

  • Next step is to create mapping that maps testds name to res:/PageBuilder2/themes/html/PageBuilder2/testds.jsp, you will have to use WAS Admin console

With mapping in place i copied my theme_en.html file to the nls folder and now when i try accessing the portal page i can see the testds.jsp getting included once because of direct .jsp reference and once because of content spot mapping reference like this

Important Note: After i copied testds.jsp in the PageBuilder2 theme i tried accessing theme.html and first it was throwing test.jsp not found error but then i did export of PageBuilder2.war and updated it and it started working, you might want to do same thing in ND environment.

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