Assigning administrator role to HomePage application in connections

I want to add custom widgets to my home page but for that i need to assign Administrative rights for HomePage application to one of the users, i followed these steps to assign admin rights

  • Every application in the Lotus Connections make use of J2EE security for managing user roles. For example if i open the web.xml file for the HomePage.war i can see that it defines few roles, this is how the Admin role is defined

    Secure Catalog Administration

    If you look into the web.xml you will notice that it defines following roles

    1. person

    2. everyone

    3. reader

    4. metrics-reader

    5. admin

  • Login into WAS admin console to assign admin role to the user

  • In the WAS Admin console go to Applications -< WebSphere Enterprise applications and you will see list of applications deployed on the server

  • Click on the HomePage link to view the details of HomePage enterprise applications like this

  • CLick on Security roles to users/group mapping link to view the current mappings

    In my case all other roles have some assignment but Admin role is not assigned to any one, so i did select the admin role and click on map users (Its better to map admin role to a group)

  • Search for the user that you want to assign to the admin role, in my case wasbind and save your changes and restart the Lotus Connections server

  • After server is restarted login as the admin user and on the home page you should see Administration tab like this

  • When you switch to Administration tab you will notice that your allowed to enable disable widgets, publish new widgets on this tab

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Rishi said...

Hi, I want to restrict Blog creation to certain named users in the organization (not for the community blogs). Can I map "person" role of Blogs application to named users of my LDAP?