Changing connections configuration

The Connections configuration is stored in xml files. You can find all the configuration files in the config directory of your deployment manager

Even though you can change these files manually and start the server, its not recommended (I never tried changing the config files manually so not sure if the server would pick them up) because you can change the file to be invalid and which could prevent server from coming up.

But if you want to change anything in the connections configuration, you should first checkout the file to your local directory, modify the file and then check it in. I wanted to try this so i followed these steps

  • First i went to the DMGR machine and i did execute this command to connect to DMGR using wsadmin command

    wsadmin.bat -lang jython -username wasadmin -password wasadmin -port 8879

    Important note: Make sure that your actually connecting to DMGR and the value of port is the SOAP port for DMGR, When i was trying this i mistakenly used the SOAP port of App server and when i tried checking out the config file i got this error

    Exception -
    ngException: WASX7070E: The configuration service is not available.

  • After connecting to DMGR, next step is to initialize the connection to lotus connection server for that we have to execute the file which is located in the E:\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\profiles\Dmgr01\bin directory, You can execute that file by executing following command on the wsadmin console


    If you open this file on your machine you will notice that it defines set of admin functions to check out and check in config files,... The checkin function takes care of validation configuration,...

  • Next step is to checkout the configuration file to your local drive by executing following command


    This will checkout set of files into your c:/temp directory

  • Once the file is checked out you can open it in text editor and make changes and once your done making changes save the file

  • Next step is to check in the changes back into the server that you can do by executing following command


  • After checking in your changes in deployment manager you can push them to nodes by executing


  • Last step is to restart the server for changes to take effect

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