Universal Test client application

The Rational Application Developer has a IBM Universal Test client enterprise application which is web based application that you can use to test your EJB's or JPA beans or look at the JNDI tree in your server,.. Essentially it is set of tools to troubleshoot problems.

You can follow these steps to enable IBM Universal Test client.

  1. Double click on your server name to open the server definition. On that page check "Enable universal test client " check box

  2. Once you save the server definition you will notice that the UTC application is getting deployed on your server, wait for couple of minutes to get it started

  3. Right click on the Server name and click on Universal test client > Run to access universal test client

  4. The RAD will open http://localhost:10039/UTC/ URL in the browser if you want you can directly access this page from outside the RAD

  5. RAD will prompt you to login use the was admin user and password and you should see next screen with JNDI Explorer, JPA explorer,.. use the section that you want to explore, in my case i went to JNDI explorer to see all the name bindings like this

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